840 füzun®

Technical Specifications
fuzun(tm) from Vulcana Description: 840 füzun® is 840 Denier Nylon coated on one side with Vulcana rubbRe™ compound. Coating the nylon with rubbRe™ prevents it from fraying and contributes to the waterproof properties of the material.

Compound: rubbRe™ is Vulcana®'s proprietary recycled rubber compound containing at least 30% recycled car tires.
Colors: 840 Denier Nylon is black; rubbRe™ is black but it can be manufactured in a variety of colors including black, blue, green, burgundy.
Availability: Rolled Good - Lead Time 8-10 weeks - FOB New Jersey or North Carolina
Origin: Made in the USA

Properties Specifications

Properties Average Specifications
Weight 14.10 oz sq/yd
Gauge .02"
Tongue Tear - Warp 94.44 lbs
Tongue Tear - Fill 71.10 lbs
Grab Tensile - Warp 555.50 lbf/in
Grab Tensile - Fill 484.75 lbf/in
Adhesion - pulled @ 12 in./min (rubbRe™ side) 10.57 lbs/in
Dupont Scrubs (rubbRe™ side) 71.10 lbs

Rev 5/11/2013

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