Technical Specifications
rubbRe(tm) from Vulcana Description: rubbRe™'s feel is unique in the industry, joining the durability of rubber to the hand of a finely made non-woven material. It is suitable for many uses and is available in various gauges and colors.

Compound: Proprietary; made from at least 30% crumb rubber from used car tires taken from US land fills.
Colors: Standard - Black; other colors available including: Blue, Grey, and Green
Availability: Delivered as rolled goods
Origin: Made in the USA

Properties Specifications

Properties Specifications
Minimum Tensile: 1650.5 PSI (.030), 1830.5 PSI (.067)
ASTM-D412-97 Method A, Die C
Tear Strength: 223 lbf/in ASTM-D624C
Temperature Range: -40 degrees F to 200 degrees F
Width: 60 inches

Gauge Weight Roll Length Gauge Tolerance
0.30 in 22.25 oz/y2 20 linear yd /-0.005 in
0.67 in 54.00 oz/y2 10 linear yd /-0.075 in

Shore A Hardness: 45
Elongation: 435.50%, ASTM-D412-97 Method A, Die C
Specific Gravity: 1.17
Staining Resistance: No visible migration
Ozone Resistance: 100%, ASTM-D1171
Flammability: 1
Flexibility: Excellent flexibility and good elasticity
Density: 1.15 g/cc

***Except where noted, data are presented as typical values and should not be construed as specification limits***.

Lab Testing Results

Test Result
ASTM D5034-95 (2001) / ASTM D3597-02 Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics (Grab Test) [.030" rubbRe™] Avg. of Warp: 57
Avg. of Fill: 50
ASTM D3511-05 Pilling Resistance and Other Related Surface Changes of Textile Fabrics: Brush Pilling Tester [.030" rubbRe™] 5.0 - No Pilling
Colorfastness to Light AATCC Test Method 16-2004, Option 3 [.030" rubbRe™] Class 5.0 - 40 Hours
Colorfastness to Wet & Dry Crocking AATCC 8-2001 [.030" rubbRe™] Dry Crocking: Class 4.0
Wet Crocking: Class 4.5
California Technical Bulletin 117, Section E (CPSC 16 CFR 1610 - CS 191-53) Upholstery Fabrics [.030" rubbRe™] Complies
ASTM D4157-02 Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics (Oscillatory Cylinder Method) [.030" rubbRe™] TBD 15,000 Double Rubs
U.S. 21 CFR FDA 177.2600 - FDA Food Simulating Solvent Extraction (Rubber - Silicone) Complies
ASTM E2179-09 Measurement of Effectiveness of Floor Coverings in Reducing Impact Sound Transmission Through Concrete Floors [.067" rubbRe™] *
ASTM D 1894-06 Coefficient of Friction [.030" rubbRe™] 2.45
ASTM D 6866 Biobased Content 76%

Additional Information

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Stitching Info Use a standard needle, not a diamond tip. Fewer stitches are better as too many stitches will puncture the material; 10-12 stitches/inch should provide sufficent strength.

The data contained herein are subject to revision without notice. Vulcana®, LLC assumes no responsibility for testing and process variables. All measurements are approximate and subject to change based upon other factors. The material properties provided in this sheet represent comparative and projected product performance, and do not constitute design allowables or affirmative representations. Natural variations in these properties occur as a consequence of the manufacturing process. Any use of Vulcana® products should be subjected to acceptance tests, by the user, appropriate for the application. Because of the unique nature of the material, alternative test methods or greater test material size may be necessary for accurate results.The data is furnished without liability to Vulcana® or its agents and does not constitute a warranty or representation with respect to the material or its use.

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