Vulcana® Copper Charms

The natural anti-microbial
Copper charms from Vulcana Vulcana® Copper Charms keep you clean and are an all-natural antimicrobial!

Copper naturally eliminates germs without harsh chemicals!

As we work to keep ourselves safe from bacteria, viruses and germs lets arm ourselves with natural, sustainable, convenient and eco-friendly solutions.

Vulcana has developed essential charms that can be used to wipe your hands, press buttons and prevent us from touching contaminated surfaces. Even if you must touch a surface, you can quickly wipe your hands with the copper charm to eliminate microbes on contact!

Safe for all ages – put it on your key chain – keep it in your pocket – place it in the car compartment

Round Copper Charms

A round copper charm to wipe hands, like using hand soap.
Price per charm: $12.99 includes U.S. postal shipping in the continental USA

Vulcana round copper charm


  • FIGHT GERMS NATURALLY! Rub Vulcan copper charms on your hands and body to generate friction and fight germs before they spread.

  • FIGHT GERMS without the use of harsh, drying chemicals.

  • REUSABLE with no maintenance or cleaning! A lifetime of germ fighting at your fingertips!

  • NO SHORTAGE once you purchase your Vulcana® Copper Charm, you will never need to worry about store shelves being empty!

  • MADE IN THE USA Our 100% pure, eco-friendly antibacterial copper charms are made of the highest quality natural material in the USA.

  • FOR CONVENIENCE AND EASY USE Vulcana® Copper Charms fit comfortably in pockets, purses, wallets, backpacks, gym bags and travel bags. Our charms come on a copper ball chain for easy use on keychains and bag handles! No sharp edges and easy to use!



Triangle Copper Charms

A triangular charm for pushing keypads, elevator buttons, light switches, etc. Use Copper pointer to press buttons, key pads and switches.
Price per charm: $12.99 includes U.S. postal shipping in the continental USA

Triangle copper charm from Vulcana

Same benefits as for the Round Copper Charms.

Metallic copper surfaces kill microbes on contact, decimating their populations, according to new research. They do so literally in minutes, by causing massive membrane damage after about a minute's exposure, says the study's corresponding author, Gregor Grass of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. This is the first study to demonstrate this mechanism of bactericide. Source: American Society for Microbiology

Copper Charms from Vulcana
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