Re# (re-pound)

[re-pound]: a rubber compound made from recycled car tires.

We developed Re# for use in the manufacture of custom compression molded products. Up to 50% maintaining high levels of durability, strength and water-resistance.

Re# is available in slab form. It is non-toxic, and has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. The list of products and uses are endless and include: acoustical equipment, buttons, engineered parts, footwear, household goods, exercise equipment, outdoor products, seals, trims, and water and weatherproofing parts.

Re# is sold by the pound; it is uncured compound. Minimum quantities are 100 lbs and are sold in increments of 100 lbs. Lead time 4-6 weeks.

Click here for the product data sheet (PDF)

Click here for the material safety data sheet (PDF)