Our Philosophy

Every product has an idea, a necessity, and a story. Vulcana® is no different…the idea to market this line of materials was born out of the necessity to save our planet. In North America alone over 250 million scrap tires are disposed of yearly. The environmental impact and the human health hazards associated with landfills have been well documented. These landfills become breeding grounds for disease and infestation. Without a determined use for discarded car tires, the environment will continue to be overburdened with contaminated landfills that eventually leave little room for a clean green planet.

In this millennium we cannot escape the crusade to “be green and eco-friendly”…it’s the right thing to do; and we all want to do our part. Vulcana® joins the crusade to re-use, re-new, recycle and is making and developing sustainable solutions for all to share. In most of the world and particularly in North America, car tires are a necessity of life. There are great efforts to make automobiles more fuel efficient; better aerodynamically designed, and produced to run on alternative fuels; however, the tires seem to just get more resistant to wear and tear and essentially take longer to breakdown once they make their way to the landfill.

We at Vulcana® invite you to join in our effort to repurpose car tires even if it is a transformation so radical that the tires are incorporated into a piece of luggage, upholstery, flooring, roofing, or a wall covering!

Vulcana® offers the possibility of incorporating the recycled tires into all of these things and more through our line of recycled materials.