The Manufacturing Process

Recycling and repurposing car tire rubber

Vulcana® products are made from discarded car tires that come from American landfills. The recycled tires are devulcanized, compounded and cured as sheet rubber alone or with hemp. It is easiest to equate the manufacturing process to that of baking a cake; the compound (cake batter) is calendered (spread out onto a sheet) and cured (baked).

We use hemp in our füzun® line because it is an eco-friendly sustainable material which requires no pesticides to grow and actually improves the soil in which it grows. For a period of time, we discontinued our production of the hemp füzun® line as we were unable to procure the material locally. With the laws changing in the US one state at a time, we expect that procuring hemp in the USA will become a viable option.

The entire manufacturing process from start to finish is done in the U.S.A. No one rubber company handles every aspect of turning discarded car tires into Vulcana® sheet rubber. The process is highly technical and carried out very carefully in discrete stages.