Color rubbRe™

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[ruhb-ree]: a non-woven sheet rubber type material manufactured by Vulcana® incorporating recycled post consumer tires into a versatile, eco-friendly, material that is suitable for a variety of uses. It comes in a variety of colors and thickness. The material can be customized to meet customer required color, thickness, and texture.

Made of a minimum of 30% recycled post-consumer car tires. The finish material has a linen finish and looks and feels like a luxury material! Available by the yard.

The rubbRe material is sold in rolls on recyclable cardboard core.

Material gauge is available in:

  • .035 inches / .889 mm thick.

Material width is available in:

  • 30 inches / 0.762 meters
  • 60 inches / 1.524 meters.

For purchases greater than 5 yards contact For custom orders, the length of a standard roll is 10 yards / 9.14 meters. Shipping weight is approximately 50 lbs / 22.6Kg.

Click here for the data sheet (PDF)

Bond your material with rubbRe™ (PDF)

Do you want to bond your fabric to rubbRe™?

A. Every fabric has differing properties; therefore not all fabrics will be suitable for bonding to Vulcana®’s rubbRe™.

Prior to production, each fabric must be evaluated and tested for an effective “bond” to rubbRe™. Various properties of the fabric will have an impact on the result of the bond to be achieved; some more critical than others. The composition of the material along with the weight, elasticity, tensile strength (bi-directionally), thickness, finish, weft and warp will influence the results.

Please contact us to discuss bonding your material to rubbRe™.